The Insistence of Struggles — Dork Zabunyan

"Ramadan Kareem" by
Abou Naddara Collective

Translated by Stefan Tarnowski

ISBN 978-84-945901-4-6

Expected September 2018

Images, uprisings, counter-revolutions

What can an image do against an authoritarian regime, that operates through instruments of violence, both military, and visual media? The Insistence of Struggles  investigates how images taken with a camera, mobile phone, or any device capable of recording visual matter, can contribute to the contemporary struggles – and encourages the struggles of the future. The book starts with a group of videos that have been taken by the protagonists of the Arab Spring uprisings in 2011. Thus, Dork Zabunyan inquires how such images are recorded, circulated, observed and manipulated.

The eight chapters which compose this book are interspersed with two interviews, one with the anonymous Syrian cinema collective, Abou Naddara, creators of a video archive about revolution and the Syrian war; and the second with filmmaker Stefano Savona, director of the documentary Tahrir (2012).

With this book IF Publications inaugurates a collection of essays, which will have as their primary focus critical reflections on the role of images in the present day.