NEWS1 — Footnotes from the Centre for Research Architecture
NEWS2 — Domestic Orbits by Frida Escobedo
NEWS3 — The Radical Ally by Bouchra Khalili
NEWS4 — Untitled by Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Verena Paravel

NEWS is a series of publications dedicated to practice-based research by artists, architects, educators, scientists, scholars, and writers. We publish ongoing investigations committed to reading material records of the present, the histories they enfold, and the futures that haunt them. NEWS aspires to create an international network of affects, affinities, and alliances distributing visual research beyond the academic circuits. Each publication is the result of a collaborative process that involves authors, editors, and graphic designers.

NEWS is conceived by instituto de investigaciones independientes (Ciudad de México – Cambridge, Massachusetts) in collaboration with IF Publications (Barcelona – Londres – Paris) and Gato Negro Ediciones (Ciudad de México). NEWS is only possible through the radical generosity of friends, everywhere.